Basic rules

Deck of 52 cards and 4 players.

1 Game = 7 Rounds

1 Round = 7 Hands

Twos are low, Aces high... with the exception of the two black seve7s. 

The 7s (seven of spades) is the highest valued card in the game; followed by the 7c (seven of clubs).

You have to beat the highest card(s) in each hand. If you can't, then you have to throw your lowest.

The Points

Each card has a point value. All twos have the value of 2 points, all 3s have the value of 3 points, all 4s have 4 points etc... Jacks have the value of 11 points, Queens have the value of 12 points, Kings 13 points and Aces 14 points. With the exception of the two sevens, the game does not value one color (red vs. black) or one type (diamond, heart, spade, club) over others.

The exception cards in this point system are: 7s = 25 points and 7c = 21 points